Friday, February 03, 2017

OFC Champions League Qualifying: 1-1 Deadlock Carries Lupe o le Soaga Into Group Stage

Qualifying for OFC Champions League group-stage berths concluded on Friday with two games, both contested at Loto-Tonga Stadium in Nuku'alofa, Tonga.

In the opener, Pekay Edwards scored twice (45'+1, 55') as Puaikura prepared for the group stage by defeating Utulei Youth 3-1.

In the nightcap (and qualifying-round finale), Suivai Ataga scored in the 66th minute as Lupe o le Soaga gained a 1-1 draw with Veitongo and advanced to the group stage.  Lafaele Moala scored for the club from the host nation in the 87th minute.  Vietongo needed a victory to move into the group stage but were eliminated instead.

Final Qualifying Round Group Standings:

1. Puaikura FC (Cook Islands) (GP: 3; GD: +7; PTS: 9)
2. Lupe o le Soaga (Samoa) (GP: 3; GD: 0; PTS: 4)
3. Veitongo FC (Tonga) (GP: 3; GD: -2; PTS: 4)
4. Utulei Youth (American Samoa) (GP: 3; GD: -5; PTS: 0)

Puaikura FC and Lupe o le Soaga advanced to the group stage.

Group-stage play is set to start on February 25.

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